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Since 2005, the school has definitely established its current headquarters in Via Magliano Sabina, a short walk from us.

The school of osteopathy CERDO, which has thirty years experience, was founded by Maurice and Jean Gay Audouard in February 1992, as a result of an activity of seven years of teaching (1985-1992), at the headquarters of Italian 'COP French institute, open on their own initiative and, in fact, the first school of osteopathy kind in Italy.

Osteopathy is the expression of a philosophy that recognizes the individual functional unit in which it is not possible to separate the psychic structures, visceral and somatic.

Such units must be heeded if you want to be really effective in healing art.

Whatever the disorder presented, the osteopath works using their own hands, on the integrity of the structure that supports the impaired function as well as on relations with the structures and surrounding features.

The concept of movement is the cornerstone of osteopathic philosophy.





For information on room availability contact us by mail or call us at (0039) 3497418082

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