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Mausoleo di Santa Costanza

In the vicinity of our B & B is the holy mausoleum of Constance, a place of Catholic worship diRoma located in Via Nomentana, in the monumental complex of Saint Agnes Outside the Walls.

It was built between 340 and 345 as his mausoleum, from Constantine, daughter of Constantine I, near dellabasilica Constantine, at the tomb of St. Agnes, which Constantine was a devotee. There were buried both Constantine is his sister Elena.

The building was called "Santa Costanza" when Constantine was venerated as a saint. The mausoleum, as the basilica (now in ruins) to whose left side was connected, was imperial property, and not ecclesiastical, and after being used as a baptistery of the Basilica of St. Agnes Outside the Walls, the church became autonomous in 1254 by Pope Alexander IV.

In the Renaissance, because of its spatial characteristics and its degree of conservation, was the object of a great interest among architects, [1] although the harvest scenes present in the mosaics have meant that for centuries the building was mistakenly identified as a temple of Bacchus.

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